What Not to Wear While Driving

After drivers have had their license for a few years, driving becomes integrated into daily routines all over the world. The more miles we drive, the more our driving habits solidify. Before long, whether we realize it or not, our cars become our main means of transportation. Although our vehicles are designed to do just that for us, they are still a heavy piece of machinery that require drivers to operate them responsibly and properly.

Because our cars are operated by the pedals beneath our feet, wearing proper driving shoes is a must. Reason being, the wrong pair of shoes can lead to pedal error, which is when a driver’s foot slips on the vehicle’s pedals. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), pedal error accounts for 16,000 crashes a year.

On the bright side, there are various types of shoes for both men and women that are suitable for driving. Thus, a good pair of shoes can help prevent these types of accidents from occurring.

driving shoes

What makes a good driving shoe?

A good driving shoe is deemed as any pair of shoes that is securely fitted to the foot and provides equal traction. This allows the driver to evenly administer force onto the pedals. By wearing shoes that wrap around your feet comfortably, your feet won’t be able to accidentally slip out from your shoes while you’re behind the wheel.

What types of shoes are safe to drive in?

Wearing shoes that provide suitable support to your feet is the key to deciphering if a pair of shoes are safe to drive in or not.

Sneakers (i.e. running shoes or tennis shoes)

Sneakers are the best shoes to drive in. Not only do they provide comfort to drivers, but they’re also designed to fit your feet properly. When wearing these shoes while driving, drivers can evenly apply pressure to both the gas and brake pedals. Sneakers are a great option for both men’s driving shoes and women’s driving shoes.

What types of shoes are not safe to drive in?

The types of shoes that are not safe to drive in are those that are not designed to fit your foot.

Flip flops

Although flip flops are the easiest to throw on when you’re walking out the door, they provide the least amount of support. As they don’t firmly fit your feet, they are the most likely to slip off while driving.


Even though slippers provide immense comfort, they do not provide a sturdy fitting. As most pairs do not wrap around our heels, these shoes can easily cause a slip to occur on one or both pedals.

High heels

Although high heels are a popular choice among women to wear, they are not designed for driving purposes. High heels can easily interfere with a driver’s ability to transfer weight between pedals.

Heavy boots

Whether it’s a pair of clunky cowboy boots or work boots – large boots can interfere with proper driving. If it’s difficult to feel the weight of your foot on the pedals, then that pair of boots isn’t ideal to drive in.


During the heat of summer, you might be tempted to jump in the car without a pair of shoes on your feet. Although this is common, it is rather dangerous. When a driver is barefoot, there is nothing to protect the feet, and you are without the proper means to evenly distribute pressure on the pedals.

Whether you are a new or a seasoned driver, it’s always a good practice to refresh your memory on what shoes are acceptable to wear when driving. From your friends and family at SafeAuto, we hope you enjoy the road ahead!