What Should Tire Pressure Be in Summer?

With August right around the corner, staying cool is on everyone’s mind. With such high temperatures outside, it can make our cars more difficult to safely preserve. When thinking about how to properly maintain our cars in the heat, the first thing to focus on is the air pressure in our tires.

summer tire pressure

Why do I need to worry about my summer tire pressure?

If you are wondering why the pressure in your car’s tires is the first thing to focus on when sustaining your car throughout the Summer, here’s why. Simply put, as the heat index increases outside, it also increases in our tires.

But, how Does this happen?

Scientists have found that for every 10 degrees the temperature rises outside causes tire pressure to increase by one pound. Although this may not seem like much, most cars have a tire pressure range of 30-35 PSI. Therefore, without being conscientious of tire pressure sensitivity in humid weather conditions, the increase of 1 pound in PSI per every 10 degrees could cause the tire(s) to burst!

Car tire pressure is essential in properly knowing if your car is safe to drive on the road. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), driving on under-inflated tires is a leading cause of overall tire failure.

Having the recommended tire pressure is crucial in order to confidently drive with durable tires and a car that will handle itself firmly on the road. Additionally, having proper tire pressure in our cars can further assist other parts of your cars to move more properly, and smoothly.  Some of those leading attributes include how responsive your brakes are, a smoother drive, and better fuel efficiency.

Your friends and family at SafeAuto hope that this tire know-how has been helpful, and will help you on the road ahead!