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$5,000 is a lot of cash. Imagine the possibility of having an extra five grand in your bank account (pretty nice to think about, huh?) SafeAuto is making this a possibility for their Ohio policyholders. What’s the catch? Well, if you stick with SafeAuto for 180 days, you could win $5,000. Stay with SafeAuto for just 90 days and you could win $1,000. The longer you stay with SafeAuto, the more opportunities you have to win! How much easier could it be to earn money?

The next winner of Play It Safe Rewards® will be selected at the beginning of October. In the meantime, the affordable car insurance company took the liberty of making a comprehensive list of what could be done with $5,000!



You could take a lucky friend to Paris, France.  The two of you could spend a week being pampered in a 5 star hotel including airfare for $4,364 and still have spending money left over to explore the city!

In the mood for something a little more exotic?  How does a week-long stay for two in the paradise of the British Virgin Islands sound?  Flight and beachfront hotel included for $4,006.  You’d still have nearly $1,000 for to get souvenirs for the folks who didn’t win the SafeAuto Rewards prize (don’t rub it in their face!)


If you are more of a conservative personality, you could invest your $5,000 into a broad market index fund, which on a historical average earns about 10% yearly. (Obviously no guarantees on that one)  If you were a fortuneteller and invested $5,000 into Apple’s stock in 1980, that would be worth approximately $1.14 million today! Not too shabby for simply having auto insurance for 180 days!

Pay off your debt

Did those pesky credit card bills stack up on you?  Do you have school debts?  Have some medical bills? You could pay off your debts with the SafeAuto Rewards and go back to a clean slate. This may not seem like a spontaneous trip to France, but you’d have peace of mind with your financial situation.


Want to build up solid karma points?  Give away the cash to a good cause!  There are families and children all over the world that could use some help and every penny would help. At SafeAuto, we proudly support the “Make a Wish” Foundation. This would be a great start to help kids who have to overcome some of life’s toughest obstacles.


Let’s say you’ve already done your due diligence and donated a fair amount of money to charity over the year and you just want to treat yourself. Those amazing shoes you saw at the mall you couldn’t afford?  Give me a pair… in every color! Maybe pick up a new flat screen while you’re out.  Scratch that. Home theatre? Now we’re talking.

Clearly, there are endless ways to spend an extra $5,000. If you haven’t thought about how you would spend your cash, this certainly got your wheels turning.  Be creative and let us know in the comment section how you would spend the money if you were selected the lucky winner of SafeAuto’s Play It Safe Rewards®!

For more information visit www.safeauto.com/rewards

Play It Safe Rewards® (Patent Pending) is presently available only to Ohio policyholders.


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