What You Don’t Know About the SafeAuto Fight Team

SafeAuto has been honored to sponsor countless top notch UFC® fighters over the years. We are well aware of their outstanding record inside of the Octagon™ and the great job these warriors have done representing the leader in state minimum auto insurance coverage. There is information about members of the SafeAuto Fight Team that the most knowledgeable UFC® fans may not be aware of.

When training, SafeAuto Fight Team member Clay “The Carpenter” Guida resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in an RV down by the river!

Heavyweight fighter Travis “Hapa” Browne starred in a SafeAuto commercial with Norm Macdonald. What many people don’t know is that Norm convinced Travis Browne to fight his friend, Josh.

Before becoming a fighter, Bart Palaszewski trained whilst working as a photographer and graphic designer and holding other computer jobs. After seeing his first MMA event, Bartimus was hooked!

Erik “Goyito” Perez worked as a carpenter and in a tortilla factory before he started fighting. Perez was granted permission by UFC® president Dana White to walk out to the Octagon™ for his UFC 155 bout in a custom-designed luchador mask by Victor Martinez.

Nate Diaz’s favorite musician’s are Eminem and Led Zeppelin. Diaz was an official presenter at the 97.9 DUB Car Show and Concert in Dallas, Texas.

If you followed our social media channels, maybe you were familiar with the above mentioned information. If not, hopefully you learned some fun facts! Be sure to stay tuned to the SafeAuto Insurance Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube channels for behind-the-scenes UFC® content.

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