When a Car Meets a House: Who Wins?

There’s only one thing that Americans love more than competition — and that’s competition between two opponents that defies logic. Think about it: David vs. Goliath, Alien vs. Predator, and…car vs. house?

Yes, you heard right. Americans just love car-vs.-house confrontations. This is true for two reasons: A) because it gives us a chance to match the force of a speeding car against the structural integrity of a large home, and B) such “combat” happens more often than you’d think.

So in the interest of science, let’s take a look at four instances when a car met a house — all of which occurred in 2011.

Venue: Humble, TX

Date: June 21

Background: An 88-year old man drove his sedan into the side of this Houston-area home.

Winner: Car
The house caught fire and has a gaping hole in the wall, while the car only lost a door.


Venue: Augusta, ME

Date: May 22

Background: A shirtless, barefoot man drove a stolen truck across a lawn and into a home around 6:00 a.m. Both the truck and house caught fire, and the driver fled the scene before being arrested later in the day behind the wheel of another stolen vehicle.

Winner: House.
Both got torched, but the truck is totaled, broken, and deformed. The house will live to “fight” another day.


Venue: West Jordan, UT

Date: April 26

Background: A woman whom police suspected was under the influence of alcohol and drugs drove her car into the bedroom of a house — while her two children were in the car with her! Thankfully, they were uninjured.


Barely a scratch on the SUV, but a huge gap in the brick and drywall.

Weymouth, MA
Date: May 15.

Background: A car somehow crashed into a pole, traveled across four lanes of a highway in reverse, ran over a motorcycle, and went airborne into a house’s window — winding up three feet from the homeowner.

The house will need some new siding and a replacement window, but the whole front of the car is toast.

That’s all the car-vs.-house entertainment we have for today. Now as a precaution, go make sure that your auto insurance and your homeowner’s insurance are up to date — just in case.

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