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Where Are the Most Dangerous Intersections in Cincinnati, Ohio?

Driving in Cincinnati Ohio
November 19, 2020

Every year, hundreds of people lose their lives across Ohio’s roadways, and even more suffer from injuries sustained from a vehicle collision. When thinking about transportation safety in Cincinnati, it’s imperative to know where the most dangerous intersections are across the city of Cincinnati for the safety of you and other drivers on the road.

Whether you’re a Cincinnati native, or just visiting this eclectic city – here are the most dangerous intersections to look out for when driving in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Driving in Cincinnati Ohio

10 most dangerous intersections in Cincinnati, OH

 When it comes to cruising through Cincinnati, it’s important to keep yourself and fellow drivers safe by ensuring you’re doing your part by spreading the word on the top 10 most dangerous intersections across the city.

1. Gilbert Ave & Victory Pkwy

2. Queen City Ave & Harrison Ave

3. Martin Luther King Dr & Burnet Ave

4. Mitchell Ave & Kessler Ave

5. North Bend Rd & Argus Rd

6. Reading Rd & Dorchester Ave

7. Reading Rd & McGregor Ave

8. Vine St & Nixon/Goodman

9. Warsaw Ave & Grand Ave

10. Hopple St & Beekman St

Over the past 6 years, when it comes to Cincinnati driving, 25 of the most dangerous intersections in the city have accounted for 269 crashes, 216 of those resulting in minor injuries, 37 resulting in severe injuries, and 6 of those resulting in fatalities. When you’re in the Cincinnati area and you happen to come across any of these intersections, we ask you to pay extra attention to do your part in ensuring a safe drive all the way home.  Here are some tips to keep you and your passengers safe when approaching any of these dangerous intersections in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Drive with caution

When you’re approaching these intersections, it’s imperative to keep your eyes on the road ahead. Here are some of our quick defensive driving tips to help you prepare for any and all cross-city drives throughout Cincinnati.

1. Minimize distractions – Before you get in the car, try to minimize distractions by turning your phone alerts off.

2. Be alert – Be aware of the traffic in front of you. This will allow you to monitor any upcoming intersections for tray cars, pedestrians, or other hazards on the road to safely make your way through.

3. Watch your speed – When approaching a busy intersection, proceed with caution. Make sure you are allotting yourself plenty of time to react to any and all obstacles that could pop up on the road ahead, as this will give you plenty of reaction time should you need to slow down or speed up.

The bottom line.

When we’re on Ohio’s busiest highways, we need to make sure that we’re staying alert and playing it safe while on the road. Distracted driving is a contributor to the number of collisions at these intersections, and we can decrease that number by keeping our eyes on the road.

Before you hit Cincinnati’s roads, make sure you are equipped with the best tips for driving on the highway and are aware of crucial traffic laws. As always, make sure you and your vehicle are protected on the road ahead with affordable Cincinnati car insurance from SafeAuto.

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