Where Are the Most Dangerous Intersections in Indianapolis, Indiana?

driving in Indianapolis, Indiana
December 22, 2020

Every year, we see hundreds of drivers lose their lives in accidents on Indiana’s roadways. There are over 700 fatalities a year and even more, drivers more suffer injuries, wage loss, and trauma as a result. If you want to understand transportation safety in Indianapolis, Indiana, knowing where dangerous roadways and intersections are can help ensure the safety of you and others who share the road.

If you’re wondering if Indianapolis Indiana safe to drive in, proceed with caution around the following intersections where data has shown higher fatality and injury-related collisions.

5 most dangerous intersections in Indianapolis, IN

Spread the word and help drivers mitigate the risk associated with driving through these intersections:

  1. 21st Street and Shadeland Avenue
  2. Madison Avenue and Stop 11 Road
  3. 38th Street and Franklin Road
  4. 86th Street and Keystone Crossing
  5. 38th Street and High School Road

Over the past few years, these intersections have been involved in some of the deadliest crashes in the Indianapolis area. When it comes to Indianapolis, Indiana driving, make a mental note to pay extra attention and double and triple check as you approach these intersections.

Drive with Caution

When you’re approaching an intersection you are unfamiliar with, crossing may pose a higher risk than usual to your drive, so it helps to know what to do. Remain alert use extra caution as you approach these dangerous intersections when driving in Indianapolis, Indiana and use these defensive driving tips to ensure you reach your destination safely.

1. Turn off your phone – Turn your phone notifications off before you start to drive. Consider turning the radio down and quieting any loud passengers so you can focus as you cross through the intersection.

2. Check twice – Pay close attention to the flow of traffic, scanning the intersection for stray cars, pedestrians, or other hazards as you approach and make your way through. It’s a good idea to look more then once and to stay alert.

3. Take your foot off the gas – Do not speed up as you drive through an intersection. Instead, monitor your speed on the approach and give yourself plenty of time to react and slow down or stop should the need arise.

The bottom line.

Together, we share the responsibility of remaining alert and obeying traffic laws while we are behind the wheel in order to protect every person who shares the road. Distracted driving is a danger all and can increase the chance of a collision, especially at intersections that have low or obscured visibility. Before you hit Indianapolis ’s roads, make sure you are equipped with the right knowledge (and Indianapolis car insurance) you need to protect the people and car you love.

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