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Where Are The Most Dangerous Intersections in Toledo Ohio?

driving in toledo ohio
November 25, 2020

In 2020, hundreds of people have lost their lives in crashes on Ohio’s roadways. Thousands more suffered injuries, vehicle and wage loss, and other traumas as a direct result of collisions. When it comes to transportation safety in Toledo, it’s critical to understand where dangerous roadways and intersections are located to protect both yourself and your passengers.

Whether you’re from out of town visiting family or a Toledo native, if you’re wondering if Toledo Ohio safe to drive in, here are the places you may way to travel with caution according to a new study about dangerous Toledo intersections.

driving in toledo ohio

10 Dangerous Intersections in Toledo, OH

Help the drivers you love prepare for the unexpected and mitigate some of the risk associated with driving by spreading the word: always stay alert when behind the wheel and use extra caution as you approach these dangerous intersections when driving in Toledo, Ohio.

  1. Airport Highway and Byrne Road
  2. Byrne Road and Hill Avenue
  3. Byrne Road and Arlington Avenue
  4. Airport Highway and Reynolds Road
  5. Holland Sylvania Road and Airport Highway
  6. Alexis Road and Lewis Avenue
  7. Secor Road and Central Avenue
  8. Dorr Street and Detroit Avenue
  9. Central Avenue and Talmadge Road
  10. Reynolds Road and Hill Avenue

Over a period of six years, these intersections accounted for 468 crashes in the Toledo area. When it comes to Toledo Ohio driving, exercise extreme caution when you approach these intersections.

Drive with caution

When you’re approaching an area, you know may pose a higher risk than usual to your drive, it helps to know what to do. Prepare for cross-city trips with a few quick defensive driving tips like these to ensure your safety on the road.

1. Minimize distractions – Turn your phone notifications off. It’s also a good idea to turn the radio down and take the time to quiet rowdy passengers before you enter the intersection so that your eyes and ears are free of distractions.

2. Be alert – Make sure to pay close attention to the flow of traffic, scan the intersection for stray cars, pedestrians, or other hazards as you approach.

3. Watch your speed – When you drive through an intersection, don’t speed up. Instead, carefully monitor your speed as your approach, giving yourself plenty of time to react and slow down or stop should the need arise.

The bottom line.

As drivers, we are sharing the responsibility of ensuring everyone’s safety when we are behind the wheel. Distracted driving is a danger to each and every person who is on the road and can increase the chance of a collision occurring, especially at intersections with low visibility. So before you head out on Toledo’s roads, make sure you are equipped with the right knowledge (and Toledo car insurance) you need to protect the people and (the car) you love.

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