Which State has the Worst Drivers in the United States

At SafeAuto Insurance, we provide all types of drivers with the most affordable and reliable insurance around. After protecting both the best and worst drivers in 16 states since 1993 we began to wonder if one of our states really was home to “the worst drivers in America.”

Well, we did some research and found a 24/7 Wall St. article that claimed that due to having the highest motor vehicle related death rate in the country, Mississippi tops the list of most dangerous states to drive in. According to an article on NBCNews.com, however, Washington D.C. has the worst drivers. You would think that worst drivers and most dangerous state to drive in would go hand and hand, but apparently not.

We were curious to hear whether our Facebook fans agreed or if they had their own ideas about which states have the worst drivers.

Facebook fan Joseph Tolle says, “I lived in Southern Ohio, and there was always car accidents… ALWAYS!” Gilbert Stark disagreed and said, “Easiest question ever!!! ALABAMA!!! I don’t even think you need a drivers license down here… really!”

There was no consensus or overwhelming majority, however we did get a ton of comments about California being the state with the worst drivers. David Andrade said, “Has to be Cali!” and many agreed.

So, do you agree with the studies and articles, do you tend to side more with our Facebook fans, or do you have a completely different idea about which state has the worst drivers? We want to hear from you!

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