Wireless Remote Brake Lights from Ford

According to an article on Mashable.com, Ford is working on remote brake lights that wirelessly warn drivers, who see a dashboard light illuminate when there’s danger ahead.

“It’s easy to see the brake lights of a panic-stopping car right in front of you, but what if that car ahead is coming around a corner, over a hill or driving through a dense fog or rainstorm? Ford is testing technology that can warn you of such danger, part of its Safe Intelligent Mobility (SIM) research project that involves 20 futuristic systems that could make cars safer.”


This remote brake-light system would help to avoid chain reaction collisions, where a car far ahead of you comes to a sudden stop and multiple cars can’t stop in time to avoid a multi-car collision. With this brake light on your dashboard, you’ll be warned of panic stops before you become involved in their aftermath… Or that’s the idea, at least.

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