World’s Best Selling Cars

Clearly, SafeAuto Insurance, the state minimum auto insurance company, is obsessed with all things cars. We love to look up statistics about the fastest cars, the most expensive, and most recently, an article on Forbes about the world’s best selling cars caught our interest.

The Toyota Corolla was first introduced in 1966 in Japan, made its way to the US in 1968, and then in 1997 it became the bestselling nameplate in the world when it surpassed the Volkswagen Beetle. The Corolla comes in five models and with prices starting in the $15,000’s and a reputation of being one of the most fuel-efficient cars on the market, it’s no wonder that Toyota has sold over 30 million of these.

Toyota has the highest owner loyalty of any automaker in the world, has been named among America’s top tree most admired companies by Forbes Magazine, and they have won more Total Quality awards than any other automaker. The Toyota Corolla is produced in 16 countries, sold in 140 countries, and continues to be the top selling car in the world.

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1966 Corolla:

2013 Corolla:

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