Young Louisiana Musician Creates Catchy SafeAuto Jingle

Cody James is a Louisiana native who started playing the guitar at the early age of 11 years old. Just one year later, he started his own band, which gigged at different all-age venues throughout their area, and then by age 18 (with the help of mentor Harold Cowart, the ex bassist of the Bee Gee’s), he began recording his own EP.

While Cody had some setbacks after this recording, the EP was still a success and his music career had officially begun.

Currently, Cody teaches guitar lessons and is pursuing jingle writing and indie music production and songwriting. Winning the SafeAuto “Do the Jingle” contest would mean many things to Cody. “Winning this competition would mean having an amazing piece of accomplishment in my portfolio to continue pursuing my aspirations as a jingle writer. It would also mean giving me the funds necessary to expand my studio so I can record one-take band recordings and make another aspiration of mine come true.”

Cody feels that he has written the winning jingle and believes that his jingle will stand out among all of the others in the competition. He says, “I truly believe through hearing it get stuck in all my friends’ and families’ heads, that this jingle will help draw in new customers or at least keep your companies’ name in mind.”

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